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Mountain Biking Chicago Style


If you have ever been to the mid west you know that there is no down hill mountain biking. There just isn’t any mountains. So how do you keep up your single track skills? Well ya don’t. I have been in northern Chicago for the past few weeks. I brought my bike along hoping to get some riding in. After visiting a few of the biking shops I have conclude that there is No Good Riding trails around.f here.

Everything is paved trails. I would like some feed back from our readers. If you know of any trails at all in the north Chicago all the way up to Palatine let me know. I’m going nuts I miss southern Utah.


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THULE 964 Revolver 4 Bike Rack

THULE 964 Revolver 4-Bike Hitch Rack

I’m like most of you and I don’t have a truck where I can just through my bike in the back and take off. So I need a rack, not any rack I want one that allows me to still get into my car rear hatch back with out having to take the bikes off. Well here ya go Thule 964 Revolver hitch-mount bike rack. It carries  up to 4 bikes without giving up the convenience of full thule 964 revolverrear-vehicle access.

For 2-inch hitch receivers. Folding bike arms, antisway, and locking.

Features Include:

  • New, improved swing-away design for quick rear-vehicle access
  • Hitch Switch™ quick-release lever for fast, folding storage of bike carrier arms
  • T3™ Cradles lock down bikes while still allowing complete adjustment along bike arm
  • 955 No Sway Cage™ prevents bike-to-bike contact (antisway)
  • Includes integrated locking cables and STL2™ hitch lock
  • Carries up to 4 bikes/964 lb. (2-inch hitch receivers)
  • Replaces Thule’s 998XT Trailblazer four-bike hitch-mount rack
  • Please consult the Thule Rack Finder to match the correct Thule parts with your vehicle

I have grown to love most of Thule’s products. But this one is on the top of the list. I really enjoy the swing away feature. Very easy to use and pretty intuitive design.thule 964 bike rack

Pro and cons of the Thule 964

Lets just get the cons out of the way real quick.

  • It is kinda bulky and heavy. My wife would have issues with putting this on our Yukon.
  • Pretty tough to put the fourth bike on if all your bikes are full sized Mountain Bikes. Road bikes sure I can see you putting them on nicley.


  • Swing arm (very sweet) My wife loves this feature. Dont have to take the bikes off to get into the back.
  • T3 Cradles. They lock down the bikes and cradles while still allowing complete adj. of the arms. These help with the bikes swaying back and forth and hitting each other.
  • Intergrated cable lock secures bikes to the rack. It comes withe the lock and key.
  • Life time warranty. (no questions asked)


This rack was designed to stand up to abuse.

It is worth the cost and with serve you and your bikes for a life time. I would get if I was you. Your Bike is worth it!


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