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Yeti Sb66 Switch Suspension Tech

Just released by Yeti a new “Super Bike” named by one of the Test Riders. The SB66 is Super Bike 6 Wheel Size, 26 and 6 six inches (151.5mm) of travel. is dubbed to be the biggest hit of the 2011 season.

This bike is not to be mistaken for an ordinary run of the mill Yeti Bike. The SB66 is built on an entirely new suspension platform designed by Dave Earle, former Santa Cruz employee who Yeti hired to work specifically on this design. They have named this new suspension Switch Suspension Technology. Completely unique, system uses and eccentric lower pivot to manage chain forces. This means the bike pedals incredibly efficiently, and the suspension works smoothly without being compromised by chain growth or rider input. People are now saying, it’s one of the best trail bikes they have ever ridden.

Yeti SB-66 Pro XTR Bike ’11

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