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Run Scotland to the Sahara Desert

I know this isn’t out mountain biking but I felt it was worth writing about. Have you ever rolled out of bed one day and felt like forest gump? You know just felt like starting to run, lets say that you were up in Scotland and just started running south. Like maybe towards the Sarah desert. Well Andrew Has done it, he ran for 78 straight days.

He covered on an average of 34 miles per day. That is a little over 2600 miles total. Pretty amazing if you ask me, he did it to raise money for some group of people that can’t figure out how to get them selves out of the state of poverty. Some where in Mongolia.  Great job Gump, I mean Andrew. We hope you have reached all of your goals. They have put a video slid together to show what this young man went through on is run.




To learn more about his run visit his site at

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Urban Riding on The Rise

It is a little known fact that there are a lot of different types of Bike Riding. Most people only see those guys riding on the side of the rode in matching stretchy shorts and shirts. Ya know riding their 10 speeds with their clip in shoes and drafting each other to cut down on the wind. Well there are a few other styles that I want to mention.

My favorite is Downhill Mountain Biking

then there is Cross Country Mountain Biking

Then there is Urban Mountain Biking

Each one of the styles uses a different type of bike.

For Downhill we usually have a very beefy bike with full suspension and at least 5 inches of travel front and back.
Example type of bike is a Kona Satori

For Cross Country Mountain Biking they have a fixed rear frame with a front shock that gives you 4 to 6 inches of travel. These bikes are used for guys that like to go UP hill as well as down. These are sometimes called a all mountain bike.
Example type of bike is a Kona Kahuna Deluxe

Then you have the Urban Bikes. These bikes are usually created as a single speed and are a hard tail. Guys love these for their simplicity. They use them to do all types of crazy tricks around town. Like jumping over guard rails and over statues.
Example of a Urban Bike is: Kona Big Unit

So why are they on the rise? Basicly because gas is not cheap and if you live in an urban area it is a lot easier to get around. I know this is not all the types of bikes that are out there. This post is not suppose to be a full list. Just a bit of info to get people thinking about all the types of bikes that are out there.


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