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Mayflower Gulch – Copper Mountain Colorado

Mayflower Gulch

Distance 7 miles
Rating moderate
Time 1 – 2 hours
Elevation 10,880 – 11,880
Type: Out and back dirt road
Season July to early October

Know before you go: Respect all private property at the begining and end of this ride. Most historic buildings are private
and fragile; please view them from a distance. Some of this ride is above timberline; be prepared for rapidly changing weather.

Parking: Drive west on I-70, taking exit 195 to Copper Mountain. Drive toward Leadville on Hwy 91 for 5.8 miles. Park on the left
in a large parking area.

Description: Follow the dirt road that starts at the end of the parking lot. Take the right fork at a junction and begin a steady
climb along the right side of the gulch. At about 2.3 miles, near timberline, the road passes a fork on the right (it climbs steeply
to a ridge and dead-ends). Continue straight, pass through a gate and ride past the remaining cabins of the historic Boston townsite.
The road climbs toward a spectacular natural amphitheater, veers left and reaches another gate marking private property.
Turn around here and return as you came.


mayflower gulch trail copper mountain

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Smart TV by Equiso

Turn any TV into a Smart TV.

Yes I really said that. The guys at EQUISO have developed a thumb drive size device that will allow you to plug into the HDMI port on your television and turn it into a android driven TV.

The Equiso System comes with a unique remote that allows you to control you TV like a wii remote. But is way more than a we remote. This sweet remote has a keyboard on the back of it. This allows you to use your TV truly as a SMART TV.

What is a Smart TV? as defined by Wikipedia: Smart TV, which is also sometimes referred to as “Connected TV” or “Hybrid TV“, is the phrase used to describe the current trend of integration of the internet and Web 2.0 features into modern television sets and set-top boxes, as well as the technological convergence between computers and these television sets / set-top boxes.

Smart TV’s are quite expensive, now with the Equiso Smart TV you can turn any TV into a smart TV.

I was able to play with the prototype this past week. I put it to the test with my kids. My son who is 11 took to it like a duck in water. He plugged it in and instantly start scrolling around. They had angry birds in space in stalled and he started playing that. With the Equiso Smart TV remote he was able to play even angry birds with no problem.

He thought it was pretty awesome how you could just point the remote at the Equiso Smart TV and it worked like a wii remote.

Right now it is on Kickstart, they are raising their initial funding. It has been out for a week now and it is gaining some serious traction!

Be one of the first to get one of these awesome products! Designed by a Harvard Student I can see this Smart tv becoming a hit with his friends all over campus and all college campuses around the world.

Get your Equiso TV here!

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