Rock “n” Roll Lubrication

Looking for a good lube to keep your chain moving? I have been looking around for a long time for a lube that would hold up in the desert of Southern Utah and also the powder dust in northern Utah. WELL … I found it. Rock n roll lube is truly the king of lubes, this stuff rocks! I works in:rock n roll extreme

  • Rain
  • Extreme Mud
  • Any type of dust
  • Sand

Most lubes collect the dust and gum up your drive train.

Best is to purchase in a 16 oz bottle. Should cost you around $14.00

If you ride a lot this should last you at least one full season. Apply by spinning your drive train backwards as you apply it. Then continue spinning it for a few more seconds. I then take a old rag and wipe the chain down to remove the grime and extra lube. Make sure you apply it in a warm environment around 65 to 90 Fahrenheit.

Strengths: Withstands wet rides, lasts longest of any lube I’ve used, keeps chain clean, easy to apply.
Weaknesses: If you don’t follow the directions (which includes keeping the lube warm, read the label), you might find it doesn’t work very well.
Similar Products Used: RnR Gold, ProLink Gold, White Lightning, TriFlow Dry, TriFlow wet, Pedro’s SynLube

Bottom Line: Best lube on the market for my purposes: from my regular 3-4 hr weekday rides to my all-day rides in alpine conditions with wetness and mud likely on many rides… this is the best lube I’ve used.Rock and Roll Gold works nearly as well but is not quite as resistant to wetness. I use Gold in the dry period (4 weeks or so in high summer) and Extreme all other times.Remember to follow the directions — it will make a big difference in how well the lube works. After you’ve used RnR lubes for a while you’ll get to know just how much excess to put on before spinning the cranks to work it in. Remember to wipe it dry after applying. And it works best if you can lube the night before, if

Rock n roll lubrication comes in a couple of different types. I have used Gold and Extreme (blue color)

Send your comments about using RNR Extreme (blue) lubricant.


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