Niterider Minewt 600

Summer Is Finally Here! It is time to get for those long evening rides. This is one of my favorite things to do. I love getting off from a long day at work and jumping on my mountain bike and taking a few hour ride. The problem that I run into is living in the desert of southern utah I have to wait until 7 or 8 to leave just because of the heat. So riding after hours is a necessity. So I got the Niterider Minewt 600 Here is the specs on this pretty sweet bike light.

The new Minewt 600 cordless puts out an amazing 600 lumens in a one-piece package with no separate battery pack or cables! Thats freaking amazing. Niterider Minewt 600  is pushing LED technology to a new level. Recharges easily with the included 5.5hr Smart Charger (or plug into to a USB port and charge at your desk!)

Its the first one-piece light that is truly trail capable and overkill for city streets. Plus, Niterider uses reflectors and lenses specifically designed for bicycle riding, so you get a superior beam pattern compared to other systems using “off the shelf” optics.

  • Tool-free quick-release handlebar mount
  • Also includes helmet mount
  • Features premium CREE LEDs
  • only 190 grams

This light features 4 light level options, plus a flash mode:

  • 1:30 hours on High (600 lumen)
  • 3:00 hours on Medium (400 lumen)
  • 4:30 hours on Low (275 lumen)
  • 10:00 hours on walking “flashlight” mode (100 lumen) – ideal for use around campsite, changing a flat, etc.

A typical car headlight is 700 lumen, so you pretty much have a car headlight sitting on the front of your bike. Pretty cool hu? One of the greatest features is that it is cordless. This means that you can use it for other things.

Buy a Niterider Minewt 600


Charge Time: 5:30 hr

Weight: 190g (with battery & handlebar mount)

Get yours Today!


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Red Bull Rampage To Return This Year

The long waited news of the return of Red Bull Rampage is Official! It will be returning to Southern Utah This YEAR.

No official date has been posted yet, Based off previous years we can anticipate it around the beginning of October.

This event has been a staple in Southern Utah since 2001. The events organizers have taken a few years off since then trying to find other locations around the world. There is something about the raw beauty of southern utah that keeps bringing them back.

Check back often as we follow the Red Bull Rampage 2012 schedule!Red Bull Rampage 2012

Want to  read more about this exciting events past? Here>>

Red Bull Rampage – Cameron Zink 1st place run….


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Urban Riding on The Rise

It is a little known fact that there are a lot of different types of Bike Riding. Most people only see those guys riding on the side of the rode in matching stretchy shorts and shirts. Ya know riding their 10 speeds with their clip in shoes and drafting each other to cut down on the wind. Well there are a few other styles that I want to mention.

My favorite is Downhill Mountain Biking

then there is Cross Country Mountain Biking

Then there is Urban Mountain Biking

Each one of the styles uses a different type of bike.

For Downhill we usually have a very beefy bike with full suspension and at least 5 inches of travel front and back.
Example type of bike is a Kona Satori

For Cross Country Mountain Biking they have a fixed rear frame with a front shock that gives you 4 to 6 inches of travel. These bikes are used for guys that like to go UP hill as well as down. These are sometimes called a all mountain bike.
Example type of bike is a Kona Kahuna Deluxe

Then you have the Urban Bikes. These bikes are usually created as a single speed and are a hard tail. Guys love these for their simplicity. They use them to do all types of crazy tricks around town. Like jumping over guard rails and over statues.
Example of a Urban Bike is: Kona Big Unit

So why are they on the rise? Basicly because gas is not cheap and if you live in an urban area it is a lot easier to get around. I know this is not all the types of bikes that are out there. This post is not suppose to be a full list. Just a bit of info to get people thinking about all the types of bikes that are out there.


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2011 UCI MTB World Championships Video

UCI MTB World Championships DHI 2011 Champery Switzerland


Danny Hart at the World Championships Mountain Biking World Cup. This is one of the greatest runs ever!

You need to watch this. It will inspire you to get out and ride no matter the weather.

Even in the rain this guy is amazing. He rides over trees and rocks as if they were not there.


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The Clymb Heard Of It?

There is a new website in town that you need to check out.

The Clymbthe clymb

Member pricing on the planet’s most sought-after outdoor brands. Each week they work deals with some of the top name brands in outdoor sports. It is free to sign up and become a member. For every person that you refer you get a ten dollar credit on your account. You are wondering if there is a catch. Is it really that easy? Well Yea Its that easy. But yes of course there is a catch. You will receive the 10 dollar credit after your friend makes their 1st purchase.

The Clymb is a very easy and user friendly site. They are always rotating their offers, which incentives you to stop back regularly. It is a new spin on concept of Limited Quantity! They have a timer that shows time left on a specific offer. For example at the time of this writing they were featuring Dakine Bags and MIIR Bottles.

Special Deals By The Clymb

Part of the Clymb is to give back to the planet. They will always have some deal that is connected to a group or organization that is helping the planet in some way. For example MIIR Bottles. Nearly a billion people struggle to survive everyday because they don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. Now there’s an easy way for you to help. Simply purchase a bottle; The Clymb and Miir will take care of the rest. MiiR and The Clymb have teamed up to donate $2 per bottle sold during this special event. Who knew you could do so much good with a few dollars?

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Mountain Biking Chicago Style


If you have ever been to the mid west you know that there is no down hill mountain biking. There just isn’t any mountains. So how do you keep up your single track skills? Well ya don’t. I have been in northern Chicago for the past few weeks. I brought my bike along hoping to get some riding in. After visiting a few of the biking shops I have conclude that there is No Good Riding trails around.f here.

Everything is paved trails. I would like some feed back from our readers. If you know of any trails at all in the north Chicago all the way up to Palatine let me know. I’m going nuts I miss southern Utah.


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Danny MacAskill Amazing Ride Home

Do you want to get inspired to get out and ride your Bike?

Watch this….

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“First Gear” Initiative To Get Kids Riding Bikes

Specialized Bicycle Components announced the launch of a new program called “First Gear”, a global youth cycling initiative intended to create “first rides that last a lifetime” – promoting cycling as a regular part of kids’ lives.

Their new website,, will highlight success stories in this and other advocacy endeavors, including the great work of Specialized dealers around the world. public participation,will bring awareness to partner organizations, and communicate their goals. Specialized and its dealers have been active in youth cycling development since the company’s founding in 1974, by contributing to programs that positively impact young people of all ages. In 2010, the company dedicated $1.4 million to global cycling advocacy, a significant portion of which was directed to youth programs.

Getting kids out riding bikes is probably the most important thing we can do,” explained Founder and President Mike Sinyard. “A child on a bike is independent and healthy, not just for the time being, but for life. But the best part is, they don’t even realize it. They’re just out there having fun.

Within four months from conception to implementation, the charity raised enough money to build an entire program plan and realize a BMX park for the youth of Kayamandi. 

Lets get kids riding!

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World Bicycle Relief Program

Did you know;

Simple sustainable mobility in the form of a bicycle multiplies a person’s effort and efficiency with improved access to healthcare, education and economic development, especially when compared to the alternative of walking.

Healthcare: Brings healthcare to patients and patients to healthcare.
Education: Brings educators to the field and students to schools.
Economic development: Sustainable mobility is a fundamental requirement in all economic systems. Bicycles multiply an individual’s efforts by:

  • Bringing goods and services to markets;
  • Enabling workers to get to jobs or find better jobs;
  • Fueling an individual’s entrepreneurial drive – entire businesses can be run off the back of a bike.

If the world is ever going to get any better we need to empower the nations that are still in poverty. Not just giving them hand outs of food. Lets teach them how to fish so that they can feed themselves. The people at the world bicycle relief program are doing just this. They are distributing a rugged bicycle that is tougher than ever – perfect for the harsh riding conditions typically found in rural Africa. Available in men’s, women’s, and children’s styles, it features a heavy-guaged, lugged frame; a rugged, single-speed drivetrain; heavy-duty cranks and chains; automotive-grade, puncture-resistant long-wear tires; heavy-duty rims, and more – all in a culturally appropriate design.

We these bikes, these people are able to be more productive and are able to focus on more important things, like getting to school on time and bettering their lives.

So lets all get involved. Learn More Here

The Biggest Loser bodybugg ® System Includes 12-Month Online Subscription

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5000 FT with New Specialized Demo

NO Music No real Special Effects.
Just a  Great Video “Featuring” the NEW Specialized bike.

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