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Tips for Mountain Biking the Trails of Southern Utah

I live in Southern Utah and love to ride the rugged terrain. It makes me feel free when ever I can jump on my bike and ride one of these trails.
Before I share with the best trails, a few words on what you should bring with you:

  1. Ride with a friend
    1. There is some pretty rugged terrain and it is very easy to crash and get stranded. If you don’t have some one to help you out it could become a pretty long and painful day.
  2. A mobile phone
    1. Most areas in Southern Utah get pretty good phone coverage. Unless you are up by Zion National Park, not very good service up there.
  3. Some basic food
    1. Just in case that ride becomes a bit longer that you expected a few granola bars and some water could make the trip a bit more comfortable.
  4. Lots of water
    1. I know, water is heavy but the sun and heat is crazy on the Trails in Southern Utah.
  5. Sunscreen
    1. Always need to protect your skin from the sun. Also some good sunglasses.
  6. A physical MAP
    1. Yes I said it a MAP. They don’t way much and they don’t rely on batteries to work. So to be safe pick up your self (or print off) trail maps.

The MTB Project has a really good website with Maps and details of all the Mountain Biking Trails of Southern Utah HERE>>


It will be worth your time to have this bit of information and follow these few tips.






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Yeti Cycle – Flashes of the Altai

Yeti Cycle is always doing some pretty cool stuff with there bikes. Here is a repost article from them a  few weeks ago.

Three childhood friends set out for the far western corner of Mongolia to combine
mountain biking and pack rafting in a self-supported adventure into the unknown. Never
having attempted a mountain bike to pack raft link-up, they decided it was a great idea to
travel to one of the most remote and sparsely populated places in the world to try it out.

The goal was to traverse the Mongolian Altai, a remote range of high glaciated peaks
with silt-laden rivers draining from their heights. The only inhabitants of the region are
Kazakh nomads, the last people on earth who continue the tradition of hunting with
golden eagles. Ancient standing stones carved over the millennia stand guard over the

Twelve days in the wilderness, riding over high passes loaded with gear, surviving
raging whitewater, drinking fermented mare’s milk, and battling the elements, this was
not an adventure these young lads would soon forget.

A Film By: Joey Schusler
Featuring: Mason Lacy, Sam Seward, & Joey Schusler
Editor: Joey Schusler & Thomas Woodson
Motion Design & VFX: Paul Harrison (Shotgun Infinity)
Art Direction: Drew Pautler (Good Fortune Collective)
Post Production Sound: Keith White (Keith White Audio)
Expedition Logistics: Mason Lacy, Sam Seward, & Canat Chiryazdan
Supported by: Yeti Cycles, Smith Optics, Outdoor Research, ENVE Composites,
SRAM, RockShox, Skratch Labs, Big Agnes, Revelate Designs
Media Partners: Bike Magazine, 5 Point Film Festival
Run Time: 5 mins
Date of Completion: April 2016

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Red Bull Rampage To Return This Year

The long waited news of the return of Red Bull Rampage is Official! It will be returning to Southern Utah This YEAR.

No official date has been posted yet, Based off previous years we can anticipate it around the beginning of October.

This event has been a staple in Southern Utah since 2001. The events organizers have taken a few years off since then trying to find other locations around the world. There is something about the raw beauty of southern utah that keeps bringing them back.

Check back often as we follow the Red Bull Rampage 2012 schedule!Red Bull Rampage 2012

Want to  read more about this exciting events past? Here>>

Red Bull Rampage – Cameron Zink 1st place run….


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Urban Riding on The Rise

It is a little known fact that there are a lot of different types of Bike Riding. Most people only see those guys riding on the side of the rode in matching stretchy shorts and shirts. Ya know riding their 10 speeds with their clip in shoes and drafting each other to cut down on the wind. Well there are a few other styles that I want to mention.

My favorite is Downhill Mountain Biking

then there is Cross Country Mountain Biking

Then there is Urban Mountain Biking

Each one of the styles uses a different type of bike.

For Downhill we usually have a very beefy bike with full suspension and at least 5 inches of travel front and back.
Example type of bike is a Kona Satori

For Cross Country Mountain Biking they have a fixed rear frame with a front shock that gives you 4 to 6 inches of travel. These bikes are used for guys that like to go UP hill as well as down. These are sometimes called a all mountain bike.
Example type of bike is a Kona Kahuna Deluxe

Then you have the Urban Bikes. These bikes are usually created as a single speed and are a hard tail. Guys love these for their simplicity. They use them to do all types of crazy tricks around town. Like jumping over guard rails and over statues.
Example of a Urban Bike is: Kona Big Unit

So why are they on the rise? Basicly because gas is not cheap and if you live in an urban area it is a lot easier to get around. I know this is not all the types of bikes that are out there. This post is not suppose to be a full list. Just a bit of info to get people thinking about all the types of bikes that are out there.


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Stucki Springs Southern Utah




Spring in southern Utah is such a beautiful thing. Rode Stucki Springs today. I realized that I need to ride a lot more. This is a moderate ride with a couple of tough uphills where you will probably have to walk your bike. The downhill is worth all the effort of the climb.


Located near the Bear Claw Poppy trail in the Santa Clara Preserve. Total ride is a little over 13 miles. With an elevation gain of 1300 ft. The Ride Starts at the parking lot at the end of the Bear Claw Poppy Trail. The first 4 miles of your ride stay to the  the left side of the trails that people will be coming down from Bear Claw Poppy. This is your warm up for the uphill. I stopped and did a good stretch at this point to prepare me for the the real climb.


Make sure you stop a couple of times to take in the view. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the RAW untouched southern Utah. When you reach the summit you will need to take a break, adjust your seat level and take one last drink. The next 2 to 3 miles is wicked fun downhill, a total blast of pure awesomeness. Not sure if that is a real word but it is the only way I can explain how fun it is.

View Stucki SPRINGS in a larger map

Take 3 hours out of your day and ride this trail you wont regret it.


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Rim Rock Trail – Southern Utah

The Rim Rock trail system is part of the Santa Clara River Preserve.
They are a system of trails with the name Rim Rock:

This review includes : Rim Ramble, Rim Reaper and Rim Rock.

From Saint George Utah follow Bluff Street North to Sunset Blvd. Stay in the left lane on Bluff street and it will turn left directly onto Sunset Blvd. You will need to then merge to the right to stay on Sunset. Follow this road past Albertson’s and Lin’s Marketplace. The road will turn into Santa Clara Dr. Follow this through town until the road starts to turn right.

On your left you will see a bridge leading across the river. The road now turns to dirt, it gets pretty bumpy after rain storms. People like to take their 4×4 on this road and cause huge ruts. Follow this road up the hill staying to the left. When you are near the ridge there will be one road that takes of to the left. Do not follow just stay on the current road going west. It will dead end at a gate. This is the beginning of the the trail system.

View Rim Rock Trail in a larger map

This is a great afternoon ride. Just enough to get the heart pumping, you will gain over 400 ft in climb. Most of this is right at the beginning, I have ridden this trail several times over the past few months. I have hit almost every condition. Rim Rock is the best when it is a little damp. There is a lot of loose rock in parts and you have to be careful when you hit the breaks. We took a friend on rim rock and rim runner who is a novice. They made it OK but we had to stop and wait several times. They were unsure on how narrow the single track gets in parts.

Expect Lots of cross over from dirt to riding on rock. Make sure you bring a camera the view is amazing. From the top of Rim Rock you will be able to see down towards the Arizona strip and the gorge. Rim Reaper will give the greatest views of the Ivins Red mountain and Snow Canyon.

As for the trail itself, It is very well maintained. Lots of great care has gone into this trail system to allow us to see this amazing area of southern utah. Lets keep southern Utah mountain biking alive and support the local BLM by staying on the trails. Rim Rock, Rim Reaper, Rim Ramble and Rim Runner are awesome trails. Please share your experiences with us. Leave us some comments.

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Red Bull Rampage 2010 Event Venue

Here is a link to some of the photos taken at this years Red Bull Rampage in Southern Utah.

Mike Hopkins on day 1

More Day 1

Link to the full set up pictures.

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Bearclaw Poppy Trail – The Loop

View Bear Claw Poppy – The loop in a larger map

Bear Claw Poppy Trail – “The loop” Saint George Utah

Created by My Tracks on Android.

Total Distance: 6.71 km (4.2 mi)
Total Time: 40:35
Moving Time: 27:53
Average Speed: 10.21 km/h (6.3 mi/h)
Average Moving Speed: 14.44 km/h (9.0 mi/h)
Max Speed: 34.45 km/h (21.4 mi/h)
Min Elevation: 773 m (2537 ft)
Max Elevation: 904 m (2964 ft)
Elevation Gain: 54 m (176 ft)
Max Grade: 1 %
Min Grade: -10 %
Recorded: Wed Jun 16 07:43:23 MDT 2010
Activity type: mountain biking

Watch Video NOW

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JEM Trail To Hurricane Rim Trail

JEM  To Hurricane Rim
Mountain Bike Trail in Utah
Total Distance: 19.80 km (12.3 mi)

Total Time: 3:17:43

Estimated Time: 2:11:31

Min Elevation: 1057 m (3467 ft)

Max Elevation: 1313 m (4308 ft)

Elevation Gain: 329 m (1079 ft)

Max Grade: 3 %

Min Grade: -16 %

Recorded: Sat Feb 20 10:49:19 MST 2010

JEM Trail to Hurricane Rim Trail

Created by My Tracks on Android.

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