Yeti SB5 x Whitefish

As mountain bikers it is our nature to explore and get lost in the woods in search of the next prime stretch of singletrack. Riding in Whitefish and the surrounding Flathead Forrest of Montana, there are opportunities abound for us to fulfill this inner desire. After a week of exploring the region, we began to question ourselves and ponder relocation to this alcove of like-minded riders, world-class trails, and the plethora of local breweries was an additional draw.

IF you want to see lots of pictures go here>>

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Yeti Cycle – Flashes of the Altai

Yeti Cycle is always doing some pretty cool stuff with there bikes. Here is a repost article from them a  few weeks ago.

Three childhood friends set out for the far western corner of Mongolia to combine
mountain biking and pack rafting in a self-supported adventure into the unknown. Never
having attempted a mountain bike to pack raft link-up, they decided it was a great idea to
travel to one of the most remote and sparsely populated places in the world to try it out.

The goal was to traverse the Mongolian Altai, a remote range of high glaciated peaks
with silt-laden rivers draining from their heights. The only inhabitants of the region are
Kazakh nomads, the last people on earth who continue the tradition of hunting with
golden eagles. Ancient standing stones carved over the millennia stand guard over the

Twelve days in the wilderness, riding over high passes loaded with gear, surviving
raging whitewater, drinking fermented mare’s milk, and battling the elements, this was
not an adventure these young lads would soon forget.

A Film By: Joey Schusler
Featuring: Mason Lacy, Sam Seward, & Joey Schusler
Editor: Joey Schusler & Thomas Woodson
Motion Design & VFX: Paul Harrison (Shotgun Infinity)
Art Direction: Drew Pautler (Good Fortune Collective)
Post Production Sound: Keith White (Keith White Audio)
Expedition Logistics: Mason Lacy, Sam Seward, & Canat Chiryazdan
Supported by: Yeti Cycles, Smith Optics, Outdoor Research, ENVE Composites,
SRAM, RockShox, Skratch Labs, Big Agnes, Revelate Designs
Media Partners: Bike Magazine, 5 Point Film Festival
Run Time: 5 mins
Date of Completion: April 2016

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What Motivates You To Go To Work?

Don’t call us between 11:30 and 1:00. We won’t be here. Every day, weather permitting, we shut our doors, turn on the answering machine and head out for a ride. With the headquarters situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, our local trails are just a few pedal stokes away. This daily opportunity to get out and ride is a large part of why many started working here, but at the same time, it allows us to test and refine new models, try out component spec, or just drop the boss on a climb. It is core to the process behind the bikes we design and build. – Yeti


Work At YetiWatch Video NOW

So what is it that motivates you to go to work each day? Have you created this type of relationship with your coworkers? In every field of work there are ways that can continually inspire people to want to come to work each day. Ways to keep them excited about what it is that you do as a company. It is your goal to harness this energy and help everyone to channel it back into their work. Yeti has got the idea for sure. Break for a long lunch and test their products in the process. Lets all take this little video and become inspired to create something like this for our companies.

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Yeti SB66 Carbon Awarded

If you’ve had a chance to ride the game-changing SB66 Carbon, you’re already in on the secret:

2012 SB66C yeti

this is a serious all-mountain machine with 6-inches of amazing bump absorption, dialed geometry, and incredibly efficient pedaling performance. If you haven’t ridden one yet, you don’t have to take our word for it – check out these glowing reviews the press has been giving the 66C lately. With a weight that’s lighter than most of our competition’s 4- and 5-inch travel bikes and strength that’s on par with a freeride machine, it’s no wonder the media has been lining up for test rides.

If you’re ready for your own test ride, contact your Yeti dealer today.


* BIKE MAGAZINE Editor’s Choice
* MOUNTAIN BIKE Editor’s Choice
* BIKE MAGAZINE Bible of Bike Tests
This is going to be my next bike. I got the chance to demo one of these babies last summer in Colorado. It gives you great “travel” for the rough terrains and amazing agility to stay on those tight single tracks.

 yeti bikes

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Yeti Team in South Africa


Jared Graves, Eliot Jackson and Richie Rude hit up South Africa for the first World Cup of the season. Graves makes a strong, full-time return to the downhill circuit after years of dominating 4X.

He missed the podium by less than half a second.

Nice showing guys for your first event of the year.

 Credit: YetiWatch Results here

It will be exciting to watch them for the rest of the season.



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Yeti and Fox Racing Factory Team 2012

Here we go the 2012 season is upon us. The Yeti / Fox Racing Shox Factory Team embarks on another grueling season of World Cup racing in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The race marks the return of Jared Graves to downhill racing, junior talent Richie Rude’s debut on the World Cup circuit, and a sneak peak at Yeti’s first carbon fiber DH bike. After a long off-season of training, goals have been set and expectations are high for the group – now it is finally time to race.

Learn more about Pietermaritzburg Africa
See Pietermaritzburg Africa on google maps

Yeti has posted a few new videos on their site.


Jared Graves is going to be a fun one to watch again this year! Good luck guys.

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Yeti UCI MTB World Championships 2011

Yeti race season concludes on two of the toughest courses on the circuit – Val di Sole Italy and Champery Switzerland. The terrain tested Yeti’s younger rider’s skill. After all, Champery is not only steep and gnarly, it also is World Champs and that changes the complexion of the race dramatically. Sit back, grab a tasty beverage and enjoy..

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Yeti Sb66 Switch Suspension Tech

Just released by Yeti a new “Super Bike” named by one of the Test Riders. The SB66 is Super Bike 6 Wheel Size, 26 and 6 six inches (151.5mm) of travel. is dubbed to be the biggest hit of the 2011 season.

This bike is not to be mistaken for an ordinary run of the mill Yeti Bike. The SB66 is built on an entirely new suspension platform designed by Dave Earle, former Santa Cruz employee who Yeti hired to work specifically on this design. They have named this new suspension Switch Suspension Technology. Completely unique, system uses and eccentric lower pivot to manage chain forces. This means the bike pedals incredibly efficiently, and the suspension works smoothly without being compromised by chain growth or rider input. People are now saying, it’s one of the best trail bikes they have ever ridden.

Yeti SB-66 Pro XTR Bike ’11

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Yeti/Fox factory Team

The Yeti / Fox Racing Shox team, perennially one of the strongest mountain teams on the circuit, announced its World Cup and national teams today.

Current World Cup 4x Overall Champion, Jared Graves will anchor the World Cup team and will be joined by rising star and fellow Aussie downhiller Shaun O’Connor.
The national team is deep in talent and will feature two current national champions – Ross Milan (4x) and Mike West (Super D) and a deep pool of young downhill racers including Tyler Immer, Eliot Jackson, Joey Schusler, Chris Boice, and junior Richie Rude.

The Yeti / Fox Racing Shox Factory Team has consistently produced top World Cup talent. Yeti president, Chris Conroy, credits this to the development system they created five years ago.

“We are committed to finding and developing young talent,”
Conroy said. “We have invested significantly in our World Cup and national teams so our riders get great coaching, strength training and mechanical support to help them reach the next level of the sport.” Shaun O’Connor, who finished 17th overall on the World Cup circuit last year is stoked to be riding on the Yeti / Fox Racing Shox Factory Team,
“I am really excited to be on the Yeti program,” O’Connor said. “I was looking for a team that would allow me to grow as a rider and improve my racing… the Yeti program is a perfect fit.”

Jared Graves, who has raced on the Yeti program for the last seven years, will race the full World Cup schedule in four cross and race select downhill races as well. “Jared is one of the best all-around riders in the world. He’s always the man to beat in four cross and this year he’ll compete in downhill again,” Conroy said. Graves has a bevy of bicycle racing honors, including four cross World Champion, Australian Olympic selection for BMX (he finished 5th) and countless domestic titles in downhill and four cross in the United States and Australia.

Three new riders join the National Team, already stacked with local talent Joey Schusler, (Boulder, Colo.) and Chris Boice (Keystone, Colo.). Tyler Immer (Rancho Mureita, Calif.), Richie Rude (Redding, Conn.) and Eliot Jackson (Thousand Oaks, Calif.) are fast and talented.

All three raced their first pro races last year and quickly made a name for themselves. Most notable displays of their natural talent include Immer’s third place at 2010 U.S. Mountain Bike National Championships, Jackson’s qualification at World Cup #5 Val Di Sole, and at 16 years old, Richie Rude’s first place in the Eastern States Cup Series overall. The National Team looks to litter the podium at regional races; select Pro GRT races including MSC #5, Wildflower Rush; U.S. Open; USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships and World Cup races in Canada and the U.S. “I’m excited about the new National talent coming up. Our program is about discovering new riders and this year we have a lot of new, young talent with a lot of potential,” said Damion Smith, Team Manager.

The team will be training under James Wilson of MTB Strength Training Systems. Wilson’s program has steadily become recognized as the premier mountain bike strength training system, and has been accredited for some of the top riders’ strength progression in the sport. Shaun Hughes is returning as Team Mechanic for the National/World Cup team after a great season last year. Damion Smith going on his sixth year as Team Manager, continues to manage the race programs. The team will be racing the best equipment in the sport: Fox Racing Shox, Shimano, DT Swiss, Schwalbe, 661, Jett Designs, Topeak, WTB, Sunline, e13, ODI, Chris King and Motorex.

Yeti Cycles is a rider-owned high-end mountain bike company, based in Golden, Colorado. The company has twenty-five years of racing experience and focuses its product development on making racers go faster.

More Info about the team

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Yeti 2011 – AS-R Alloy Bike Review

2010 was good year for the new AS-R 5 by Yeti. So for 2011 they have added a bunch of new colors to the palette — including neon lime. You gotta see it to appreciate it… If you are in to traditional colors you can get it in black. AS-R 5 Alloy Yeti 2011I personally really like the lime green.

While there are many reasons to like the AS-R 5, the biggest is versatility. Long, gnarly rides? No problem. You wanna race a little cross country? This bike is light enough to help you stomp your friends on the uphill and then put more time into them on the downhill. This is one of yetis’ best all terrain bikes. The ASR-5 is light enough for cross-country racing, but strong enough to deal with technical all-mountain excursions. Aggressive riders can put on a 5.5-inch-travel fork to change the angles for improved downhill handling.
The secret of this bike is balance. They have engineered it to ride a bit stiffer in the mid-stroke of the travel so it has an aggressive, lively feel on the trail. The low bottom bracket and 68 degree head tube make sure the bike is controlled and predictable when you bring it up to speed and it carves turns extremely well — due in part to the amazing stiffness of the frame.

Buy Now Yeti AS-R 5 Carbon Pro XTR Bike ’11

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