Crown Point Trail – Frisco Colorado

This is usually the first area free of snow in the count and is often dry by mid-May but if the entrance gate is closed that usually means the area is still to wet to ride. Directions for the beginning if this ride may change somewhat if Frisco continues developing the recreation area near its playing fields. Added parking and buildings and the re-routing of the paved road could make things a bit confusing, but it still shouldn’t be too difficult to find Crown Point Road. The roads and trails forking off the described route are recommended for exploring. Some are marked with signs indication their use during winter as part of the Frisco Nordic Center trail system. You really can’t get lost exploring, since most of the area is surrounded by Dillon Reservoir.


From I-70, take HWY 9 south through Frisco. Just after leaving town, take the first left beyond the stoplight in the Peninsula Recreation Area and park in of of the several lots.


From the parking area, follow the narrow paved road up a small incline. Stay to the right onto a paved road at a 3-way intersection. Begin riding up this road, which leads to Crown Point. Pass the campground entrance from the Highway. The road then turns into dirt and climbs gradually. It eventually descends toward the lake and dead-ends at a turnaround, turn right onto the trail the winds down to the beach and sweeping views of the Continental Divide. When ready to go home take the same trail back. Crown Point Trail is a great one for the whole family, Total trail ride 5 miles.

Crown Point Trail – Frisco Colorado


Frisco Colorado - Crown Point trail area

Frisco Colorado – Crown Point trail area

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