Run Scotland to the Sahara Desert

I know this isn’t out mountain biking but I felt it was worth writing about. Have you ever rolled out of bed one day and felt like forest gump? You know just felt like starting to run, lets say that you were up in Scotland and just started running south. Like maybe towards the Sarah desert. Well Andrew Has done it, he ran for 78 straight days.

He covered on an average of 34 miles per day. That is a little over 2600 miles total. Pretty amazing if you ask me, he did it to raise money for some group of people that can’t figure out how to get them selves out of the state of poverty. Some where in Mongolia.  Great job Gump, I mean Andrew. We hope you have reached all of your goals. They have put a video slid together to show what this young man went through on is run.




To learn more about his run visit his site at

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