Rock “n” Roll Lubrication

Looking for a good lube to keep your chain moving? I have been looking around for a long time for a lube that would hold up in the desert of Southern Utah and also the powder dust in northern Utah. WELL … I found it. Rock n roll lube is truly the king of lubes, this stuff rocks! I works in:rock n roll extreme

  • Rain
  • Extreme Mud
  • Any type of dust
  • Sand

Most lubes collect the dust and gum up your drive train.

Best is to purchase in a 16 oz bottle. Should cost you around $14.00

If you ride a lot this should last you at least one full season. Apply by spinning your drive train backwards as you apply it. Then continue spinning it for a few more seconds. I then take a old rag and wipe the chain down to remove the grime and extra lube. Make sure you apply it in a warm environment around 65 to 90 Fahrenheit.

Strengths: Withstands wet rides, lasts longest of any lube I’ve used, keeps chain clean, easy to apply.
Weaknesses: If you don’t follow the directions (which includes keeping the lube warm, read the label), you might find it doesn’t work very well.
Similar Products Used: RnR Gold, ProLink Gold, White Lightning, TriFlow Dry, TriFlow wet, Pedro’s SynLube

Bottom Line: Best lube on the market for my purposes: from my regular 3-4 hr weekday rides to my all-day rides in alpine conditions with wetness and mud likely on many rides… this is the best lube I’ve used.Rock and Roll Gold works nearly as well but is not quite as resistant to wetness. I use Gold in the dry period (4 weeks or so in high summer) and Extreme all other times.Remember to follow the directions — it will make a big difference in how well the lube works. After you’ve used RnR lubes for a while you’ll get to know just how much excess to put on before spinning the cranks to work it in. Remember to wipe it dry after applying. And it works best if you can lube the night before, if

Rock n roll lubrication comes in a couple of different types. I have used Gold and Extreme (blue color)

Send your comments about using RNR Extreme (blue) lubricant.


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Yeti Sb66 Switch Suspension Tech

Just released by Yeti a new “Super Bike” named by one of the Test Riders. The SB66 is Super Bike 6 Wheel Size, 26 and 6 six inches (151.5mm) of travel. is dubbed to be the biggest hit of the 2011 season.

This bike is not to be mistaken for an ordinary run of the mill Yeti Bike. The SB66 is built on an entirely new suspension platform designed by Dave Earle, former Santa Cruz employee who Yeti hired to work specifically on this design. They have named this new suspension Switch Suspension Technology. Completely unique, system uses and eccentric lower pivot to manage chain forces. This means the bike pedals incredibly efficiently, and the suspension works smoothly without being compromised by chain growth or rider input. People are now saying, it’s one of the best trail bikes they have ever ridden.

Yeti SB-66 Pro XTR Bike ’11

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Stucki Springs Southern Utah




Spring in southern Utah is such a beautiful thing. Rode Stucki Springs today. I realized that I need to ride a lot more. This is a moderate ride with a couple of tough uphills where you will probably have to walk your bike. The downhill is worth all the effort of the climb.


Located near the Bear Claw Poppy trail in the Santa Clara Preserve. Total ride is a little over 13 miles. With an elevation gain of 1300 ft. The Ride Starts at the parking lot at the end of the Bear Claw Poppy Trail. The first 4 miles of your ride stay to the  the left side of the trails that people will be coming down from Bear Claw Poppy. This is your warm up for the uphill. I stopped and did a good stretch at this point to prepare me for the the real climb.


Make sure you stop a couple of times to take in the view. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the RAW untouched southern Utah. When you reach the summit you will need to take a break, adjust your seat level and take one last drink. The next 2 to 3 miles is wicked fun downhill, a total blast of pure awesomeness. Not sure if that is a real word but it is the only way I can explain how fun it is.

View Stucki SPRINGS in a larger map

Take 3 hours out of your day and ride this trail you wont regret it.


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The Clymb Heard Of It?

There is a new website in town that you need to check out.

The Clymbthe clymb

Member pricing on the planet’s most sought-after outdoor brands. Each week they work deals with some of the top name brands in outdoor sports. It is free to sign up and become a member. For every person that you refer you get a ten dollar credit on your account. You are wondering if there is a catch. Is it really that easy? Well Yea Its that easy. But yes of course there is a catch. You will receive the 10 dollar credit after your friend makes their 1st purchase.

The Clymb is a very easy and user friendly site. They are always rotating their offers, which incentives you to stop back regularly. It is a new spin on concept of Limited Quantity! They have a timer that shows time left on a specific offer. For example at the time of this writing they were featuring Dakine Bags and MIIR Bottles.

Special Deals By The Clymb

Part of the Clymb is to give back to the planet. They will always have some deal that is connected to a group or organization that is helping the planet in some way. For example MIIR Bottles. Nearly a billion people struggle to survive everyday because they don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. Now there’s an easy way for you to help. Simply purchase a bottle; The Clymb and Miir will take care of the rest. MiiR and The Clymb have teamed up to donate $2 per bottle sold during this special event. Who knew you could do so much good with a few dollars?

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Mountain Biking Chicago Style


If you have ever been to the mid west you know that there is no down hill mountain biking. There just isn’t any mountains. So how do you keep up your single track skills? Well ya don’t. I have been in northern Chicago for the past few weeks. I brought my bike along hoping to get some riding in. After visiting a few of the biking shops I have conclude that there is No Good Riding trails around.f here.

Everything is paved trails. I would like some feed back from our readers. If you know of any trails at all in the north Chicago all the way up to Palatine let me know. I’m going nuts I miss southern Utah.


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THULE 964 Revolver 4 Bike Rack

THULE 964 Revolver 4-Bike Hitch Rack

I’m like most of you and I don’t have a truck where I can just through my bike in the back and take off. So I need a rack, not any rack I want one that allows me to still get into my car rear hatch back with out having to take the bikes off. Well here ya go Thule 964 Revolver hitch-mount bike rack. It carries  up to 4 bikes without giving up the convenience of full thule 964 revolverrear-vehicle access.

For 2-inch hitch receivers. Folding bike arms, antisway, and locking.

Features Include:

  • New, improved swing-away design for quick rear-vehicle access
  • Hitch Switch™ quick-release lever for fast, folding storage of bike carrier arms
  • T3™ Cradles lock down bikes while still allowing complete adjustment along bike arm
  • 955 No Sway Cage™ prevents bike-to-bike contact (antisway)
  • Includes integrated locking cables and STL2™ hitch lock
  • Carries up to 4 bikes/964 lb. (2-inch hitch receivers)
  • Replaces Thule’s 998XT Trailblazer four-bike hitch-mount rack
  • Please consult the Thule Rack Finder to match the correct Thule parts with your vehicle

I have grown to love most of Thule’s products. But this one is on the top of the list. I really enjoy the swing away feature. Very easy to use and pretty intuitive design.thule 964 bike rack

Pro and cons of the Thule 964

Lets just get the cons out of the way real quick.

  • It is kinda bulky and heavy. My wife would have issues with putting this on our Yukon.
  • Pretty tough to put the fourth bike on if all your bikes are full sized Mountain Bikes. Road bikes sure I can see you putting them on nicley.


  • Swing arm (very sweet) My wife loves this feature. Dont have to take the bikes off to get into the back.
  • T3 Cradles. They lock down the bikes and cradles while still allowing complete adj. of the arms. These help with the bikes swaying back and forth and hitting each other.
  • Intergrated cable lock secures bikes to the rack. It comes withe the lock and key.
  • Life time warranty. (no questions asked)


This rack was designed to stand up to abuse.

It is worth the cost and with serve you and your bikes for a life time. I would get if I was you. Your Bike is worth it!


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DELORME Earthmate PN-60 W


DELORME Earthmate PN-60W GPS with spotDELORME Earthmate PN-60W GPS
with spot

DeLorme and SPOT have put their heads together and came up with the Earthmate PN-60 GPS. It comes with all the amazing DeLorme topo and street maps. Plus the ability to send text messages via the SPOT satellite system. This is from anywhere on earth that you may be roaming! So lets say you are chasing elephants across the african desert. Do you think there will be cell service out there? No way. Now you can send a message to anyone about what you are doing.

Here are the list of features you will find in the PN-60W


* Spot satellite system sends messages via satellite to update friends or alert authorities in case of emergency
* Messages require no cell phone signal and include your current location
* Icon-based user interface makes the PN-60W the easiest DeLorme GPS to use
* Dual-core processor for instantaneous map and satellite imagery redraws
* Load optional navigation images from topographic map satellite images onto included SD card
* Built-in accelerometer allows accurate three-axis compass readings
* Map screen uses 360° raster rotation for easy wayfinding
* Sensitive barometric altimeter for reliably accurate altitude readings
* Comes with three discs containing detailed hybrid 1:100k topographic and street maps of the entire U.S.; you don’t need anything else to hike, geocache, or navigate the backcountry-it’s all in the box
* The PN-60 is waterproof to the IEC 529 IPX7 standard; designed to function in high-humidity environments, including consistent humidity levels over 90%, and in the rain
* On-device data layering lets you select which map or imagery type to see of your GPS location-switch among data types to gain a comprehensive view of where you are
* 3.5 GB internal flash memory available in addition to the preloaded world base map
* Supports SDHC high-capacity SD cards (up to 32 GB) for fast and direct map transfer from the included map discs
* Holds up to 10 tracks (10,000 points per track), 1000 user-defined waypoints, and 50 routes; SD slot also available
* NOAA Nautical Charts; includes numerous aids to navigation, water depths, water body names, hazards, and more
* 10 m colorized satellite imagery for viewing large geographic areas ;

DELORME Earthmate PN-60W GPS with spot

delorme earthmate pn60 w Benefits of the DeLorme PN-60 w

They haven’t change the design much. But they have expanded the internal memory 3.5 GB and battery life. It uses SD cards.

It Come with a set of disks that have TOPO USA 9.0. These are maps of north America.  If you live in other regions there is no problem you can download them for Raster Imagery and put in on a SD card and just insert it.

Profiles now for more activities: Hiking Cycling and Geocaching.

Paperless geocaching with the PN-60w

To load caches, you can transfer a single geocache directly from, use DeLorme’s Cache Register widget, or transfer a pocket query via Topo USA.

DeLorme PN-60w pros

  • Uses SPOT Communicator
  • Extended battery life
  • Can load aerial imagery, USGS topos and NOAA charts
  • Topo USA vector maps
  • 3.5 GB internal memory(huge)
  • Uses a full size SD card, rather than a micro
  • Built-in highway navigation capabilities

DeLorme PN-60w cons

  • Small screen(compared to other products)
  • Limited track navigation functionality
  • Proprietary cable(micro usb would be better)
  • File management system limits you to one file (per type) open at a time
  • Weak highway navigation capabilities


If you are a back country NUT then this is a great product for you. It is a very powerful device with lots of features. It integrates nicely with Google maps so you can later upload all your travels to the web for everyone to see. If your are a geek at all you will be able to figure out this product no problem. Happy Hiking!


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Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

There is a new water bottle in town that is here to stay! Well I guess they are not that new but they are getting a lot of attention.

Say hello to the Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

There has been some major debate in the world of safe drinking water on weather plastic bottles are the best containerklean kanteen water bottle to use. There is a chemical Bisphenol-A. This chemical, also known as BPA, is found in different types of  plastic water bottles, making them possibly hazardous to the health of those consumers who drink water out of plastic bottles a lot.

Stainless steal bottles were then introduced. It  has many advantages as a material for  people that reuse water bottles. It is safe and durable; no funky taste of the contents;
and it look pretty good too. One of my favorite features of the Klean Kanteen Water Bottle is the wide mouth, you can easily put large ice cubes in them and they fit your mouth nicely.

At first glance you wonder if it is worth it. My answer is totally. This water bottles have many benefits:

  • Many styles and colors
  • Kid friendly
  • Impact resistant lid
  • Insulated versions also available
  • Lots of accessories

My good friend is a road cycleist and he loves using the klean kanteen water bottle on his rides. They have designed a lid that has the traditional pop cap that you can easily open with your teeth.

They also have a unique cage that mounts perfectly to any bike frame.

Klean Kanteen Many Shapes

The Different Sizes include:

12 ounce (kid size)

18 ounce (Awesome Biking Size)

27 ounce (Most Popular fits perfect in your school bag)

40 ounce ( The Grand Daddy of all Water Bottles)


Can I put hot liquids in my Klean Kanteen?
No.Most Klean Kanteen bottles are single walled and not for use with hot liquids. Warm beverages can be used at personal comfort level.

Are there Klean Kanteen Knock Off Water Bottles?

Of course there are. We can not guarantee that you will get the quality or satisfaction of one of these types of products.
Most of them are made from lower quality metals and may have defects.

If you are looking for a water bottle that will last you for almost forever then get yourself a Klean Kanteen Waterbottle


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Rim Rock Trail – Southern Utah

The Rim Rock trail system is part of the Santa Clara River Preserve.
They are a system of trails with the name Rim Rock:

This review includes : Rim Ramble, Rim Reaper and Rim Rock.

From Saint George Utah follow Bluff Street North to Sunset Blvd. Stay in the left lane on Bluff street and it will turn left directly onto Sunset Blvd. You will need to then merge to the right to stay on Sunset. Follow this road past Albertson’s and Lin’s Marketplace. The road will turn into Santa Clara Dr. Follow this through town until the road starts to turn right.

On your left you will see a bridge leading across the river. The road now turns to dirt, it gets pretty bumpy after rain storms. People like to take their 4×4 on this road and cause huge ruts. Follow this road up the hill staying to the left. When you are near the ridge there will be one road that takes of to the left. Do not follow just stay on the current road going west. It will dead end at a gate. This is the beginning of the the trail system.

View Rim Rock Trail in a larger map

This is a great afternoon ride. Just enough to get the heart pumping, you will gain over 400 ft in climb. Most of this is right at the beginning, I have ridden this trail several times over the past few months. I have hit almost every condition. Rim Rock is the best when it is a little damp. There is a lot of loose rock in parts and you have to be careful when you hit the breaks. We took a friend on rim rock and rim runner who is a novice. They made it OK but we had to stop and wait several times. They were unsure on how narrow the single track gets in parts.

Expect Lots of cross over from dirt to riding on rock. Make sure you bring a camera the view is amazing. From the top of Rim Rock you will be able to see down towards the Arizona strip and the gorge. Rim Reaper will give the greatest views of the Ivins Red mountain and Snow Canyon.

As for the trail itself, It is very well maintained. Lots of great care has gone into this trail system to allow us to see this amazing area of southern utah. Lets keep southern Utah mountain biking alive and support the local BLM by staying on the trails. Rim Rock, Rim Reaper, Rim Ramble and Rim Runner are awesome trails. Please share your experiences with us. Leave us some comments.

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Vibram FiveFingers Shoe Review

Discover the Alternative: Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFingers

They are  just as ugly as real feet, with a bit more color. The real question is are they comfortable?

More importantly: if it’s super comfortable, does it really matter what they look like  If your footwear is vibram fivefingers , call it whatever you want – your feet are happy either way.

Vibram fivefingers features:

  • 4 mm EVA midsole offers plating protection from (stone bruising)
  • Lightly cleated 4 mm Vibram rubber out sole for improved traction(SWEET)
  • Soft kangaroo leather upper wraps forefoot to “Keep Stuff Out” (no little pebbles getting in)
  • Kangaroo sock liner for soft comfort against the skin (it’s like you aren’t even wearing them)
  • Strong and tear-resistant upper with outstanding breath-ability (yes you can get them wet)
  • Protected by Aegis Microbe Shield to inhibit odor
  • Strengthens muscles in the feet and lower legs
  • Increases sensory reception important to balance and agility
  • Encourages forefoot strike and a more natural running form that creates less impact on the knees, hips, and lower back
  • Best for trail running, fitness walking, light trekking, and travel

sole of vibram fivefinger shoeIt’s hard to argue with the fact that your feet were designed by a greater designer to handle the pressures of walking and running around the earth without wearing padded shoes. In other words, most sneakers are messing with mother nature’s plan for your feet — to be unshod and free. Why do you think people lover wearing sandals so much. But have you ever tried hiking in sandals? Well if you haven’t all it takes is one pebble getting logged between your toes to get you to think other wise. so try vibram fivefingers you might get hooked on them.

I use this product to explore backcountry trails of Utah. I am able to walk very quietly and with surefooted confidence.I can find no fault in using these shoes. I routinely wear sandals but the vibram fivefingers give a feel for the trail that I have never experienced. I have heard them called a glove for your foot. I totally agree.

The one thing I haven’t done yet is wear them while mountain biking. Currently I wear a pair of Keen’s that I have broken in just right. So, as soon as the snow melts and I can get out I will be pulling these bad boys out and giving them a try.

So who are these shoes made for?

Men, women, kids? I would have to say mainly men. But, my sister in law begs to differ. Just a few weeks ago we had a warm spell and were able to get the kids out and go for a hike. She wore hers through the mud and all. She said that the wetness and cold did seep through more that a regular shoe. Here opinion is that they are for women as much as men and that she will continue to where them Rain Sleet or Snow.

As for kids. I don’t think my kids would leave them on.

Oh yea and she loves the looks people give her at the grocery store.

Pro and Cons

vibram fivefingers look pretty ugly but are super comfy.

I have only gotten one blister on the inside of my big toe from wearing them, at the time they were brand new and had not been broken in yet.

COST: They range from 75 to 130 USD this is a typical price for this quality of shoe. Some times you can find them on sale for less. Expect to pay somewhere in that range for them.

Buy Now at Eastern

photo credit by seriousrunning

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