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Vibram FiveFingers Shoe Review

Discover the Alternative: Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFingers

They are  just as ugly as real feet, with a bit more color. The real question is are they comfortable?

More importantly: if it’s super comfortable, does it really matter what they look like  If your footwear is vibram fivefingers , call it whatever you want – your feet are happy either way.

Vibram fivefingers features:

  • 4 mm EVA midsole offers plating protection from (stone bruising)
  • Lightly cleated 4 mm Vibram rubber out sole for improved traction(SWEET)
  • Soft kangaroo leather upper wraps forefoot to “Keep Stuff Out” (no little pebbles getting in)
  • Kangaroo sock liner for soft comfort against the skin (it’s like you aren’t even wearing them)
  • Strong and tear-resistant upper with outstanding breath-ability (yes you can get them wet)
  • Protected by Aegis Microbe Shield to inhibit odor
  • Strengthens muscles in the feet and lower legs
  • Increases sensory reception important to balance and agility
  • Encourages forefoot strike and a more natural running form that creates less impact on the knees, hips, and lower back
  • Best for trail running, fitness walking, light trekking, and travel

sole of vibram fivefinger shoeIt’s hard to argue with the fact that your feet were designed by a greater designer to handle the pressures of walking and running around the earth without wearing padded shoes. In other words, most sneakers are messing with mother nature’s plan for your feet — to be unshod and free. Why do you think people lover wearing sandals so much. But have you ever tried hiking in sandals? Well if you haven’t all it takes is one pebble getting logged between your toes to get you to think other wise. so try vibram fivefingers you might get hooked on them.

I use this product to explore backcountry trails of Utah. I am able to walk very quietly and with surefooted confidence.I can find no fault in using these shoes. I routinely wear sandals but the vibram fivefingers give a feel for the trail that I have never experienced. I have heard them called a glove for your foot. I totally agree.

The one thing I haven’t done yet is wear them while mountain biking. Currently I wear a pair of Keen’s that I have broken in just right. So, as soon as the snow melts and I can get out I will be pulling these bad boys out and giving them a try.

So who are these shoes made for?

Men, women, kids? I would have to say mainly men. But, my sister in law begs to differ. Just a few weeks ago we had a warm spell and were able to get the kids out and go for a hike. She wore hers through the mud and all. She said that the wetness and cold did seep through more that a regular shoe. Here opinion is that they are for women as much as men and that she will continue to where them Rain Sleet or Snow.

As for kids. I don’t think my kids would leave them on.

Oh yea and she loves the looks people give her at the grocery store.

Pro and Cons

vibram fivefingers look pretty ugly but are super comfy.

I have only gotten one blister on the inside of my big toe from wearing them, at the time they were brand new and had not been broken in yet.

COST: They range from 75 to 130 USD this is a typical price for this quality of shoe. Some times you can find them on sale for less. Expect to pay somewhere in that range for them.

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