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World Bicycle Relief Program

Did you know;

Simple sustainable mobility in the form of a bicycle multiplies a person’s effort and efficiency with improved access to healthcare, education and economic development, especially when compared to the alternative of walking.

Healthcare: Brings healthcare to patients and patients to healthcare.
Education: Brings educators to the field and students to schools.
Economic development: Sustainable mobility is a fundamental requirement in all economic systems. Bicycles multiply an individual’s efforts by:

  • Bringing goods and services to markets;
  • Enabling workers to get to jobs or find better jobs;
  • Fueling an individual’s entrepreneurial drive – entire businesses can be run off the back of a bike.

If the world is ever going to get any better we need to empower the nations that are still in poverty. Not just giving them hand outs of food. Lets teach them how to fish so that they can feed themselves. The people at the world bicycle relief program are doing just this. They are distributing a rugged bicycle that is tougher than ever – perfect for the harsh riding conditions typically found in rural Africa. Available in men’s, women’s, and children’s styles, it features a heavy-guaged, lugged frame; a rugged, single-speed drivetrain; heavy-duty cranks and chains; automotive-grade, puncture-resistant long-wear tires; heavy-duty rims, and more – all in a culturally appropriate design.

We these bikes, these people are able to be more productive and are able to focus on more important things, like getting to school on time and bettering their lives.

So lets all get involved. Learn More Here

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