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Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

There is a new water bottle in town that is here to stay! Well I guess they are not that new but they are getting a lot of attention.

Say hello to the Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

There has been some major debate in the world of safe drinking water on weather plastic bottles are the best containerklean kanteen water bottle to use. There is a chemical Bisphenol-A. This chemical, also known as BPA, is found in different types of  plastic water bottles, making them possibly hazardous to the health of those consumers who drink water out of plastic bottles a lot.

Stainless steal bottles were then introduced. It  has many advantages as a material for  people that reuse water bottles. It is safe and durable; no funky taste of the contents;
and it look pretty good too. One of my favorite features of the Klean Kanteen Water Bottle is the wide mouth, you can easily put large ice cubes in them and they fit your mouth nicely.

At first glance you wonder if it is worth it. My answer is totally. This water bottles have many benefits:

  • Many styles and colors
  • Kid friendly
  • Impact resistant lid
  • Insulated versions also available
  • Lots of accessories

My good friend is a road cycleist and he loves using the klean kanteen water bottle on his rides. They have designed a lid that has the traditional pop cap that you can easily open with your teeth.

They also have a unique cage that mounts perfectly to any bike frame.

Klean Kanteen Many Shapes

The Different Sizes include:

12 ounce (kid size)

18 ounce (Awesome Biking Size)

27 ounce (Most Popular fits perfect in your school bag)

40 ounce ( The Grand Daddy of all Water Bottles)


Can I put hot liquids in my Klean Kanteen?
No.Most Klean Kanteen bottles are single walled and not for use with hot liquids. Warm beverages can be used at personal comfort level.

Are there Klean Kanteen Knock Off Water Bottles?

Of course there are. We can not guarantee that you will get the quality or satisfaction of one of these types of products.
Most of them are made from lower quality metals and may have defects.

If you are looking for a water bottle that will last you for almost forever then get yourself a Klean Kanteen Waterbottle


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