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Tips for Mountain Biking the Trails of Southern Utah

I live in Southern Utah and love to ride the rugged terrain. It makes me feel free when ever I can jump on my bike and ride one of these trails.
Before I share with the best trails, a few words on what you should bring with you:

  1. Ride with a friend
    1. There is some pretty rugged terrain and it is very easy to crash and get stranded. If you don’t have some one to help you out it could become a pretty long and painful day.
  2. A mobile phone
    1. Most areas in Southern Utah get pretty good phone coverage. Unless you are up by Zion National Park, not very good service up there.
  3. Some basic food
    1. Just in case that ride becomes a bit longer that you expected a few granola bars and some water could make the trip a bit more comfortable.
  4. Lots of water
    1. I know, water is heavy but the sun and heat is crazy on the Trails in Southern Utah.
  5. Sunscreen
    1. Always need to protect your skin from the sun. Also some good sunglasses.
  6. A physical MAP
    1. Yes I said it a MAP. They don’t way much and they don’t rely on batteries to work. So to be safe pick up your self (or print off) trail maps.

The MTB Project has a really good website with Maps and details of all the Mountain Biking Trails of Southern Utah HERE>>


It will be worth your time to have this bit of information and follow these few tips.






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