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Kona Tanuki 2012 Bike Review

This is my bike review for the Kona Tanuki 2012 Bike.

Have you been a fan of the Tanuki?
Well this year you will not be let down. The latest version The Tanuki 2012 Bike corrected a few issues from the 2011 model and they have enhanced a few other features.
One of the biggest changes was in The rear shock. They have reworked it with a larger oil reserve. It has the appearance of a fox shock, but don’t be revived. This is a custom shock built in-house for this bike.

This is the best all around cross country bike on the market. It has been put to the test from running down some of the toughest toughest slopes of Switzerland to long cross country rides.

kona tanuki 2012

So Take the specs from the 2011 model and just add a new shock design and here ya go.

This shock is called “The Sektor”¬† It is designed to be the new tough guy in the RockShox fork line-up too. The head tube tapered design increases stiffness. Nine-speed Gears is still the same as last year. It works well for this design.Kona Tanuki¬† finishing kit is all decent and in the right sizes for all-round trail use.
My Recommendation is for the money and if you are looking for a new all around good bike this bike is a good fit. You can not buy this bike online. Kona has strict rules about this. Find yourself a local dealer.


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