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Frey Gulch Trail

Distance: 8.5 miles
Rating: Moderate
Time: 2 Hours
Elevation: 9,200 – 10,120 ft.
Type: Loop, Dirt road, Trail
Season: June – October
GPS Coords: 39.6055423 /-105.9836274

Before You Go: This early-season ride is usually dry by June and sometimes even in late May. Expect horse traffic from Keystone Stables. Always pull over and let them pass. Frey Gulch is full of colorful aspens during fall season.

Parking: From I-70, follow Hwy 6 east to Keystone. Beyond the stoplight, turn left onto a unnamed road just past and across from Keystone Lodge. Park in the large lot on the left. If this lot is full, drive a mile further up the Hwy and use the skier parking lots off Gondola Road. During summer season these are usually free to park in.

Description: Go right onto the Hwy and descend about a mile, passing through the stoplight. Go past the landfill road and tun right on a single track just before the bridge. Climb this trail until you reach the landfill gate. Cross the landfill road and climb the single track that leads back to the landfill road. Turn right onto the road and pedal uphill to another road. Go right, passing a trail on the left and then, a power station. Ride by a gate and climb into the trees. Descend, crossing a cattle guard and passing a few small side roads. At 3.2 miles, just beyond a creek, pass a narrow road on the left, then turn left onto a more main looking road at a 3-way junction. Pedal up aspen filled Frey Gulch, passing several side roads and veering right at a 4-way junction. The road gets rougher as it travels deeper into the forest and across a creek. Turn right at a junction(the left forks climbs steeply up Tenderfoot Mountain) and climb a short distance. Beyond a creek the road fades out near some cabin remains. Return along the same route and turn left onto the main road at the bottom of the gulch. Climb, curving left through a logged area. Drop to and cross a tiny creek at 6.9 miles. Turn right immediately ( the main road eventually splits into several dead end logging roads.) ride by a dirt berm and onto a trail.  Descend along the edge of a logged area, following the lower (right hand) trail into a forested drainage. Swing left, picking your way through some rocky sections and descend along a hillside. Switchback down to a wider trail and follow it through the trees to Sts. John paved road. Turn left and ride out to the Hwy. Turn right and descend to the parking lot.

Frey Gulch Fall Picture

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